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STEP 9 - KEEP CASH ALIVE - business edition

Following on from the success of step 1, which was to use cash as much as possible.

Step 9 of the Global Walkout is to encourage businesses to display a poster that says, ‘cash is preferred’.

If you own a business, we encourage you to display this poster. 

You can find the printouts below. Spark up conversations with businesses. Explain the benefits of encouraging their customers to use more cash and offer them a poster to display.

When a business displays the poster, please input their details into the form below so we can encourage our audience to support businesses who are helping us keep cash alive.

The step 1 printouts go hand in hand with this step. Those printouts have been EXTREMELY SUCCESSFUL. We encourage you to print more and use them as much as possible. 

Feel free to

  1. Translate the text into your own language and edit subtitles into the video if you want. The written content of the video can be found HERE.
  2. Download the video, edit it however you like, and add in your own face, voice, logo or message.
  3. You can access all our logos, some new social media tiles and resources below on this page.
  4. Be as creative as you want with ANYTHING we provide. This is OUR walkout, not Monica’s not Catherine’s…ALL OF OURS!

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