Before I go into step 9, I just want to take a moment to recognize that Italy is reinstating unvaccinated healthcare workers AND abolishing fines that were issued for not taking the vaccine. READ MORE ABOUT IT HERE

Even though we are far from our goal, it’s important to recognise the wins along the way. This will inspire a global initiative to demand this from our own governments. Stay tuned for that.

I hope you all managed to find time to watch the doco, ‘the real Anthony Fauci’ while it was still free to view. x

Step 9 is here

We are so excited to have Paddy Holohan from Ireland announce this week’s step.

He has initiated some fantastic initiatives to raise awareness of the importance of cash.

Following on from the success of step 1, which was to use cash as much as possible.

Step 9 of the Global Walkout is to encourage businesses to display a poster that says, ‘cash is preferred’.

You can find these printouts on the global walkout website –

When a business displays the poster, or one similar, please input their details into the form on the website so we can encourage our audience to support businesses who are helping us keep cash alive

If you like what we’re doing, consider buying a t-shirt (there are some really cool ones there) or donating the price of a coffee to us monthly so we can keep paying our staff, who work approximately 50 hours per week on admin and website development. BUY A T-SHIRT OR COFFEE HERE

The REIGNITE FREEDOM website is undergoing some huge improvements right now.

We can’t wait to share them will you when they’re finished. Stay tuned.

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