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Step 6 - Community dinner tables around the world

The next step of the global walkout is to organize, at least once a week, a dinner or lunch with friends and family to start building a community from your very home. Discuss current affairs with them. Make sure more and more people in your community understand what’s going on and make them enthusiastic about having such dinners themselves.

Let’s create community dinner tables all over the world. 

We are aware that step 6 is the first of its kind. It may seem off-topic or pointless, but in fact, it might be the most important step we’ve had.  

Lockdowns, mainstream media, and modern culture try to divide and disconnect us…we must do the exact opposite.

Human connection is one of the most effective ways to remain a critical thinker, open-minded, innovative, hopeful, inspired, and rational. It’s also extremely helpful for our mental and emotional stability. Loneliness is a modern-day crisis. We crave healthy discussion and debate to keep our minds sharp and quick to fire.

The main idea is to have at least ONE dinner per week that is more special than the rest.


  • Invite a neighbor who you smile and chat with sometimes but have never spent quality time with.
  • Invite someone who you’ve drifted away from over the last few years. Try to find common ground again by exchanging old stories or talking about the things that brought you together in the first place. You could consider planning some topics or stories to help break the ice.
  • Invite over people you already spend regular time with, but make the meal a bit more special than usual. Perhaps even prepare it together. Turn phones and WIFI off. Try to come up with stimulating topics that promote lively conversation and debate.
  • If you can’t invite neighbors, friends, or family over…have at least one dinner per week that is more special than usual, even if you’re alone. Cook it from scratch or light a candle. Turn your phone off, have some stimulating thoughts and treat yourself to dessert.
  • If you can inspire those around you to start having their own weekly dinners, that would be incredible and could create a domino effect of community dinner tables all over the world

If we start connecting and enjoying each other’s company more, the impact of that will be invaluable. We can evolve the entire world with steps like these. However, they require effort, patience, and consistency, which we can all strive for.

Bon appetit

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