We are honored to have Theirry Baudet, a member of the Dutch Parliament, announcing step 6 of the global walkout.

Before we announce it, I want to congratulate every single one of you who pushed back against the PayPal incident…the people WON! I made a video explaining it HERE.


The next step of the global walkout is to organize, at least once a week, a dinner or lunch with friends and family to start building a community from your very home. Discuss current affairs with them. Make sure more and more people in your community understand what’s going on and make them enthusiastic about having such dinners themselves.

We are aware that step 6 is the first of its kind. It may seem off-topic or pointless, but in fact, it might be the most important step we’ve had.  

Lockdowns, mainstream media, and modern culture try to divide and disconnect us…we must do the exact opposite!

Human connection is one of the most effective ways to remain a critical thinker, open-minded, innovative, hopeful, inspired, and rational. It’s also extremely helpful for our mental and emotional stability. Loneliness is a modern-day crisis. We crave healthy discussion and debate to keep our minds sharp and quick to fire.

We’ve prepared some tips to help

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