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The fourth step of the global walkout is to move as many accounts as you can to a union or local bank. Use these new accounts for your savings and transactions. If you run a business, move your business accounts as well and start paying wages from there. If you have debts with larger banks, look into transferring your debt as well.

We understand that this step is a hard one and might be impossible for some people to achieve this right away. You might have loans with big banks which you can’t move. 

The GLOBAL WALKOUT is always voluntary…just do what you can to the limit you are comfortable with.

Even if you have debts with large banks, you might be able to open a savings or transaction account with a smaller bank and transfer money into your loans from there.

Even if you can’t participate fully in this step, it will raise awareness of the financial control that we are currently under. We can work towards disconnecting from the larger banks over time.

Below, you’ll find a printout to help you start conversation with the bank you’re leaving and the one you’re joining

How do I move my accounts?

  • This is a global movement. We are unable to research local banks in every country. You will have to research it yourself. Feel free to go to our Facebook page or telegram channel and offer suggestions so other people in your country can see.
  • It’s important to research if the small bank is associated with a larger one. Try to find one that is as independent as possible.
  • We understand that this is a big ask and will take hours of appointments and planning. The only way to effectively pushback against financial tyranny is to walk the walk  Try to open your new accounts in person so you can explain the global walkout and WHY you are putting in the effort to change your accounts.
  • Once you choose a new bank, open the new accounts and simply transfer your funds across. Be sure to CLOSE your old accounts. It would be ideal that you book an appointment so you can tell them WHY you are leaving. It will be a great way to start conversation.
  • As mentioned above, we do not have the resources to give specific suggestions for each country, it is your choice and responsibility.

Why bother moving your bank accounts to a smaller bank?

  • Smaller banks support local family-run businesses more. If you invest your money in them, you are helping your local economy overall.
  • If enough people take their money away from the big banks, they will have less control.
  • In some cases, smaller banks are less controlled by big corporations and the government.
  • We are unsure what the future holds. We know that the globalists are trying to bring in a digital ID and a cashless society. This step alone will not prevent this, but it’s a start.

Feel free to;

  1. Translate the text into your own language and edit subtitles into the video if you want. The written content of the video can be found HERE.
  2. Download the video, edit it however you like, and add in your own face, voice, logo or message.
  3. You can access all our logos, some new social media tiles and resources below on this page.
  4. Be as creative as you want with ANYTHING we provide. This is OUR walkout, not Monica’s not Catherine’s…ALL OF OURS!

Join the walkout and we’ll see you next week for step no.4 🙂

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