We are honored to have Mads Palsvig announce the next step of the GLOBAL WALKOUT

Today is step 4 of the global walkout

The fourth step of the global walkout is to move as many accounts as you can to a union or local bank. Use these new accounts for your savings and transactions. If you run a business, move your business accounts as well and start paying wages from there. If you have debts with larger banks, look into transferring your debt as well.
On the global walkout website, navigate to step four where you’ll find more information explaining why this is important, and how it helps us pushback against globalism and financial tyranny. On there is also a printout you should show the bank worker when you open your new accounts. It will be a great way to start conversation with them and your friends and family.

We understand that this step is a hard one and might be impossible for some people to achieve this right away. You might have loans with big banks which you can’t move.

The GLOBAL WALKOUT is always voluntary…just do what you can to the limit you are comfortable with.
Even if you have debts with large banks, you might be able to open a savings or transaction account with a smaller bank and transfer money into your loans from there.

Even if you can’t participate fully in this step, it will raise awareness of the financial control that we are currently under. We can work towards disconnecting from the larger banks over time.

Feel free to;

  1. Translate the text into your own language and edit subtitles into the video if you want. The written content of the video can be found HERE.
  2. Download the video, edit it however you like, and add in your own face, voice, logo or message.
  3. You can access all our logos, some new social media tiles, and resources on the STEP 4 PAGE.
  4. Be as creative as you want with ANYTHING we provide. This is all of OUR walkout…not Monica’s or Mads.

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