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STEP 22 - support the 'we are ready' global event

This is unlike any other event, it’s not a protest…it’s a DISPLAY OF COLLECTIVE STRENGTH.

There are already over 30 events planned worldwide. From small towns to capital cities…multiple events are being added daily.

This event is a great opportunity to connect with local like-minded people by utilizing the global promotion they’re already doing.

Some organisers are hosting a rally, some are having a casual picnic or market. Some have organised swap meets…it doesn’t matter what you do as long as you bring people together and empower them with the message…”we are ready”.

A great suggestion is to collect email addresses from attendees on the day. That way you can keep in touch with them and create a local community. You can organise weekly coffee catch-ups or walks and the group can be there to support each other when/if things get tough. You can also enrol them in activism activities and events when they arise. 

How to support the event

  1. Read all about it first so you understand what it’s all about…ABOUT THE EVENT
  2. If you’re interested in hosting an event…HOST AN EVENT
  3. Cant host one but want to help spread awareness…SPREAD AWARENESS
  4. Turn up to the event in style with a ‘we are ready’ trendy shirt or jumper OR make your own….CHECK IT OUT HERE
  5. Download and share the promo video…see the video above and find the three little dots, press download. 

Download and share if you want