STEP 21 - install a landline phone

I can’t wait to get mine. It’s cheap and reliable. It’s a great way to slowly wean ourselves off mobile phone dependency. 

Try to enrol your friends into the Global Walkout. The more people we have doing these steps, the more impactful it will be…and the sooner we can physically walkout to send a very loud and powerful message to our wannabe oppressors. 

Why bother getting a landline phone;

  1. Works when the power goes out. Read about it HERE
  2. People often use the excuse…”what if there’s an emergency?”…to not turn their mobile off. No excuse anymore
  3. Less exposure to radiation

How to do it;

  1. Visit or contact a local phone connection supplier. 
  2. Sign up, buy a corded phone. 
  3. Learn how to divert your mobile phone to the landline. Just type in something like…’how to divert my mobile phone to my landline’…it will be different for every country. In Australia, it’s **21*…followed by the landline number. 

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