Step 2

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Step 2 – Reignite farming

Today is 11th September 2022, the second step of the global walkout

My name is Piet Postma , I’m a Dutch farmer and I am walking out with you. 

The second step of the global walkout is to locate and support family run grocery stores, and markets, as much as possible. Try to purchase locally grown products to support the farming and market communities in your area. If you live in the city, research what fresh produce is grown in your region. 

On the global walkout website, you’ll find a printout explaining why supporting local grocery stores, farmers and markets is so important. You can print them out and use them as a conversation starter with the cashier, family, friends and colleagues.

Step one was to use cash as much as you can…we hope you continue to do that along with this new step.

Stay tuned for step no.3 in exactly one week’s time.