Step 2 is here…

We are very honoured to have Farmer Piet Postma from the Netherlands announcing the second step of the GLOBAL WALKOUT.

The second step of the global walkout is to locate and support family-run grocery stores and markets as much as possible. Try to purchase locally grown products to support the farming and market communities in your area. If you live in the city, research what fresh produce is grown in your region.

As customers, it is critical that you support your farmers, the farming community and local farmer markets, by spending your money on products that will help boost your local economy. By choosing fresh produce that is either farmed locally, or at least in your country or region, you will be helping to keep your farmers in business, which will help your local communities and small businesses continue to thrive.

Some of you reading this might be thinking…where do I start with this? I don’t know what is locally grown or even where the family-run grocery stores are.

Everyone’s lifestyle and situation is different. All we ask is that you do your best with the options you have.


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