If you’ve been on this journey with us for a while, you’d remember STEP 1 announced by Catherine Austin-Fitts. This has been the most impactful step we’ve done, so we thought it was time to re-introduce it to the newcomers. 

This is so easy, and so rewarding. Try it and you’ll know what I mean 🙂 

Consumer Flyers;

  1. Print some out.
  2. Cut them into 10 seperate pieces
  3. Put some in your wallet
  4. Everytime you pay with cash, hand them one
  5. If it sparks up a conversation, great. If not, maybe you planted a seed 🙂

Business Flyers;

  1. Choose the one you prefer OR make your own from scratch
    Laminate it
  2. Put it on display somewhere in your store
  3. Consider ounding down to the nearest dollar for customers who pay cash

click on them to download or make your own

Consumer flyers

business poster

business poster