Less scrolling - more living

Most of us have at least one app on our phone that drags us in and wastes our time. The name of that app has already popped into your head hasn’t it? 🙂 

Mine is Instagram. Sometimes I waste hours on it in one day watching absolute rubbish. Once in a while a worthwhile post comes up, but at least 95% of it is rubbish and adds no value to my life. 

I’m not saying we have to stop using the app completely. However, if we delete it off our phone and only use our laptop, computer or tablet, I bet we’ll spend far less time on it. If we only use these apps INTENTIONALLY and CONSCIOUSLY, we will develop better habits for sure. 

Every minute wasted is a minute stolen from the present!

We are on a journey together to be less reliant on things that suck our energy and prevent us from being present and available to our loved ones. 

We have future steps planned that will intensify this journey. Hopefully soon, we will have solutions in place so we don’t need any of these globalist-inspired apps and devices that track and follow us everywhere. 

Technology, in itself, is not bad or evil but if we allow it to steal from our lives, then it is definitely unhealthy. 

I am on this journey with you, and I can admit now that it won’t be an easy transition, but I’m ready for it 🙂 

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