STEP 16 - Conscious buying

Step 16 of the GLOBAL WALKOUT is to start practicing the art of ‘conscience buying’.

Before spending money, consider…
WHERE is it going? WHO is it going to?

Have you heard the phrase ‘conscience eating’? The definition is ‘noticing with a degree of controlled thought or observation; done or acting with critical awareness.’  This is exactly the same…but with money.

First I want to share a quick story with you…

I had to buy something online today. (I have pre-paid credit cards).
I found exactly what I needed on eBay, but I avoid sites like eBay and Amazon. They take large chunks out of the seller’s profit margins and track spending habits for marketing data.
So…I searched for the company’s direct website and found the same product. It was the SAME PRICE, quicker shipping, and direct customer service.
Being the same price means they LOSE money when someone buys through eBay. They haven’t marked up the product to compensate for eBay’s take.
During the process, I also found out it’s a new company based in Australia. It feels really satisfying knowing I cut eBay out of the sale and supported a new local company!
Point of the story – use big marketplace platforms to FIND the products you want…then go buy DIRECT from the producer.

Everyone wins….except eBay 🙂



  • If you have to buy something online, purchase a pre-paid credit card USING CASH. Then your online spending is entirely anonymous.
  • If you’re buying online. Utilize the big marketplace websites to find what you want, then look for it directly from the suppliers/producers.
  • If you find an item in a big department store you want, try to find the producer and buy directly from them. No one can be expected to do this with every little thing, but try it with big items at least 🙂
  • Be creative! Think outside the box! Do a bit more research before spending money. Let’s try to be more conscience of where our money comes from, where it’s going and who it’s going to. 

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