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STEP 13 - 'Withdraw and reach out'

Step 13 has two parts.

Part 1

If you have savings in the bank, consider withdrawing a decent amount of cash and putting it somewhere safe or investing it in something tangible.

If you don’t have savings, consider taking out your wages every time you get paid.

Why bother, you might ask…

Firstly, if you’re using cash most of the time anyway, this will save you trips to the ATM machine. Secondly, the banks make a fortune investing our money while it’s in there, so why not take those profits away from the major banks?

Part 2

is very different but just as important. Reach out to at least TWO people you’ve lost contact with. People you used to have a lot in common with but have drifted apart. Send them a text, give them a call or arrange a catch-up. What have you got to lose by trying?

Obviously, this action alone will not immediately affect the globalist agenda. But we all know that saying…united we stand, divided we fall. So let’s start uniting now, so we’re ready for whatever is coming.

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