Hello, lovely people around the world.

I hope you’re feeling hopeful and finding joy in your life. I know things are tough at the moment. Everyone is pretending nothing happened and has forgotten that people like us were vilified and alienated from society not long ago.

This has made us stronger and ready for whatever is to come. We have found strength within ourselves that we never knew existed. We are better people than we were two years ago, and we have tyranny to thank for that 🙂 The strength we’ve built will carry us through anything…we got this!

Step 10 is here

Step 10 is to recap steps 1-9 and make sure you’re doing them to the best of your abilities.

On top of that, try to enroll ONE friend into the walkout and make sure you’re subscribed so we know how many people are participating (even if it’s a fake email, at least we’ll know) AND if we get kicked off social media, we can still communicate with you via email.

It’s been a fun ride so far…we have a long way to go but I know that we building momentum for something really impactful. The right time will become very clear when it’s upon us. We need to stay on the course and never give up 🙂


If you like what we’re doing, consider buying a t-shirt (there are some really cool ones there) or donating the price of a coffee to us monthly so we can keep paying our staff, who work approximately 50 hours per week on admin and website development. BUY A T-SHIRT OR COFFEE HERE

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