Step 1

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Step 1 - Keep cash alive. Scroll down for the cards to print out!

We are very honoured to have Catherine Austin Fitts announcing the first step of the GLOBAL WALKOUT.

We have the power…there are already enough of us…WE JUST NEED TO ACT IN UNISON.

Many of you might already be using cash for most things, but don’t worry, we have something new for you too 🙂

Scroll down, and you’ll see ‘for customers, which is something you can print from home and hand to the cashier along with your cash. Let’s raise awareness and keep cash ALIVE at the same time. The link for these cards is HERE. Keep in mind we wrote this specifically for a ‘new’ audience.

Feel free to;

  1. Translate the text into your own language and edit subtitles into the video. The written content of the video can be found HERE.
  2. Download the video, edit it however you like, and add in your own face, voice, logo or message.
  3. You can access all our logos, some new social media tiles and resources in a .zip download from HERE
  4. Be as creative as you want with ANYTHING we provide. This is OUR walkout, not Monica’s not Catherine’s…ALL OF OURS!

Join the walkout and we’ll see you next week for step no.2 🙂

download print and hand these out when paying cash

Download Social Media Tiles

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