Here’s an update on how the first step is going…

WOW, just WOW…this has been more exciting and fun than we imagined.
Since the first step announcement, we’ve had over 13,000 people join the GWO bringing us to over 53,000 in total, and we’re only getting started 🙂

The interactions online have been really positive and inspiring as well.

The thing we’ve enjoyed the most is reading people’s experiences paying cash and giving out the cards. A lot of people here were already mostly using cash, but adding this little card makes all the difference. Sorry, we don’t have the resources to translate everything yet…please do it yourself if you can.

You can print out your own really easily and have some great interactions too – FIND THE CARDS HERE

IMPORTANT – Remember…ANYONE can make their OWN video or statement on their OWN platform in their OWN words. This is ALL OF OUR walkout…take it wherever you want to.
SEE OUR DOWNLOAD RESOURCES HERE. (We promise this is the last time we’ll use GOOGLE for this)We’re going to share a few pics and stories with you…

“After handing over cash and a card, the cashier read the first line and shouted ‘thank you’ with a big smile on his face as I walked out. Great feeling.”

“Gave one to my local butcher, who is happy to take cash, he said mine was the second card he received on Monday”

“I handed over cash and the card tonight at a pub in WA. He knows my stance. I received a “Thankyou” and he read it completely. I felt so empowered!!! I have been using cash for ages. But this was different in a good way.”

Yes…very true. I’ve had a pleasant experience handing them out today. I gave them to 3 different cashiers and they all looked it over and read it! We can do this!”

I have mine ready to be also sticked in public toilets and toilets in restaurants and shopping centres”

I’m more concious of what I spend when it’s cash.”

have enjoyed using these cards and had a good response”

Always, but now more so. Its an effort to find but so important.”
“my purse and car has loads of these also alway handed out heaps while at the shops past couple of days , the response is amazing 
Melbourne 3338″

I handed out three of these slips today and got positive results. I also showed them to a group of people sitting near me in the cafe and they heartily agreed that using cash is the way to go.”

All friends got invited!!! Hearing positive feedback . Groceries all with cash. Shopkeeper v surprised and pleased.”

…and there’s hundreds more

For me personally, knowing there are THOUSANDS of others doing the same step at the same time all over the world is very motivating, It keeps me accountable to follow through as well!
Hopefully, there are soon MILLIONS 🙂 Everything starts at the beginning with a handful of people…we are an optimistic bunch so we’re visualizing that happening…if you can too that would be awesome 🙂

I made a video the other day explaining my personal experience using cash and handing out the cards…I hope many of you have similar experiences.

Also, keep scrolling for some pics of the walkout activities.

You can also follow us on other platforms if we get deleted from some of them.
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Feel free to;

  1. Translate the text into your own language and edit subtitles into the video. The written content of the video can be found HERE
  2. Download the video, edit it however you like, and add in your own face, voice, logo or message.
  3. You can access all our logos, some new social media tiles, and resources from HERE, choose the folder called ‘first step resources.’ (Yes, we know GOOGLE is part of the enemy…we will have an alternative next time, we promise).
  4. Be as creative as you want with ANYTHING we provide. This is OUR walkout, not Monica’s, not Catherine’s…ALL OUR OURS!

Share this with your friends, and we’ll see you next week for step no.2 🙂

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