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Why should we consider consuming less mainstream media?

Regardless of which side of politics you’re on, we all deserve access to unbiased news so we can make informed decisions based on facts. Some countries have tax-paid media outlets who seem to only broadcast one side of a story. If enough people stop consuming their content, they will be forced to consider changing their tactics and start doing legitimate investigative journalism again.

Mainstream media has shown in recent years that it no longer delivers truthful and independent news. The Mainstream Media channels worldwide are mostly owned by large corporations with various commercial interests. They seem to be used as propaganda machines to influence public opinion and distract people from the truth.

What’s with the way mainstream media is right now?
  • Mainstream media is mostly negative, and fear based. If you consume too much, it can affect your mental state and quality of life. If something major happens in the world that you need to know about, you will hear about it without having to watch the mainstream media every day.
  • They use clickbait to get clicks but the content sometimes doesn’t match the headline. This is deceptive. If the story itself was good enough, they wouldn’t need a misleading headline.
  • Investigative journalism seems to be a dying skill. Journalists are often told what to write and say and have little control over the direction of the story.
  • The last 2.5 years has clearly shown the bias when it comes to the covid narrative and government’s handling of the pandemic.
  • Mainstream media censored and cancelled world-renowned doctors and scientists without giving them the airtime they deserved. If their narrative was the truth, why would they have to censor opposition?
  • Mainstream media often report on things that are of no consequence to the people. Is this a distraction?
  • Government-funded medias cost tax-payers millions of dollars per year. They are meant to offer tax-payers unbiased journalism but seem to work for the government more than the people.
  • Some governments gave huge tax breaks (in Australia, over $41 million worth) to mainstream media channels during COVID, even though they all kept their jobs and even grew their viewership during COVID.
  • They depend on revenue from advertisements and the more viewers/users, the higher their income. So we can stop their propaganda, lies and misuse of our privacy just in an instant, by ignoring them massively
How to a mainstream media outlet?
  • They hardly do any original content and tend to publish the same content as all the other news outlets in the country – WATCH THIS
  • They don’t do much investigative journalism and don’t ask questions from both sides of the story.
  • They’re funding by tax-payers money.
  • They vilify and defame respectable people of the community that are voicing an opposing point of view.
What is the impact of mainstream media?

As an individual you might think you have little impact, but if we all stop consuming mainstream media at the same time, it will change a lot. As a matter of fact, it has already worked before in the US, when viewership plummeted after the 2020 election. Their new project, CNN+, failed after a few weeks due to the lack of viewers.

Did you know several journalists either quit or for speaking out against the deterioration of their industry and the absence of the journalistic oath?
How can we
  1. Delete all mainstream media apps from your phone, tablet, laptop and computer. Unsubscribe from monthly payments if you are signed up for any.
  2. Be sure to also delete or hide the generic news app that come pre-installed on your phone and devices.
  3. Avoid clickbait as much as you can. We all know they create headings that are misleading. Don’t click on them.


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