Past Emails Sent

This is our first ever mass email. We’ve had over 40,000 people join in just over 3 weeks…AMAZING!

We are 1-2 weeks away from announcing the strategy and plan behind THE GLOBAL WALKOUT…and then we can start almost straight away 🙂

Our plan is strategic and achievable. Together, we can directly affect those responsible for the loss of our freedoms, increase in our living expenses, and closures of farms and small businesses.

We have devised a plan that has maximum impact with minimal effort…wait and see 🙂

We aim for the GLOBAL WALKOUT to not only achieve something measurable but also provide much-needed hope and empowerment. Inspired individuals can, and will, change the world!

What will RWF do?

  1. Network and liaise with global leaders to implement unified and strategic pushback against the globalist agenda. You will start to see the fruits of our labor over the coming weeks/months.
  2. Implement processes to spread good content wider and faster.
  3. Connect local groups and leaders through our communications.
  4. Help to create and grow local community groups.
  5. Provide global news updates on our website and socials. We try to focus on mainly POSITIVE and INSPIRING updates. You won’t see much of the fear-style clickbait updates from us 🙂 unless absolutely necessary.  
  6. Be a source of hope and positivity for anyone who needs it. We will never give up, slow down or rest until our individual and collective liberties are maintained! We are coming from a place of love, truth, and compassion…we can’t be stopped because good always wins in the end 🙂
You can also follow us on other platforms if we get deleted from some of them.