Step 10 – Recap

Hello, lovely people around the world. I hope you’re feeling hopeful and finding joy in your life. I know things are tough at the moment. Everyone is pretending nothing happened and has forgotten that people like us were vilified and alienated from society not long ago. This has made us stronger and ready for whatever […]

Step 9 – Cash is preferred (business owners)

Before I go into step 9, I just want to take a moment to recognize that Italy is reinstating unvaccinated healthcare workers AND abolishing fines that were issued for not taking the vaccine. READ MORE ABOUT IT HERE Even though we are far from our goal, it’s important to recognise the wins along the way. This […]

Free for only 20 more hours…’The Real Anthony Fauci’

This is the best doco I have seen for fence-sitters. It’s rational, factual, and balanced. It won’t scare your fence-sitting friend away 🙂 We encourage you to find a way to share this with friends who don’t believe you. Lure them with their favorite wine or dinner and then start playing it 🙂 WATCH PARTS […]

Step 7 – No more self-checkouts or QR codes +

First thing’s first, THANK YOU for helping us collate alternative media outlets around the world, we received over 1600 submissions. We are now working through them to publish a full list soon Step 7 is here…We are honored to have Amanda Forbes and Richard Urso MD announcing step 7 of the global walkout.We’re changing things up a bit this week, there […]

Step 8 – Watch ‘The Real Anthony Fauci’

The 8th step of the GLOBAL WALKOUT is to watch the new documentary called ‘The real Anthony Fauci’. See it here – Take it a step further and try to convince a fence-sitting friend to watch it with you. Do whatever it takes…maybe their favorite wine, dinner, or dessert. It’s free to watch for […]