Step 2: Announcement

Step 2 is here… We are very honoured to have Farmer Piet Postma from the Netherlands announcing the second step of the GLOBAL WALKOUT. The second step of the global walkout is to locate and support family-run grocery stores and markets as much as possible. Try to purchase locally grown products to support the farming […]

Step 1: Update

Here’s an update on how the first step is going… WOW, just WOW…this has been more exciting and fun than we imagined.Since the first step announcement, we’ve had over 13,000 people join the GWO bringing us to over 53,000 in total, and we’re only getting started 🙂 The interactions online have been really positive and inspiring as well. […]

Step 1: Announcement

 It’s WALKOUT time folks 🙂 Thank you for your support thus far and for being patient while we put together this new initiative. We are very honored to have Catherine Austin Fitts announcing the first step of the GLOBAL WALKOUT. We have the power…there are already enough of us…WE JUST NEED TO ACT IN UNISON. […]