It’s so easy…you can’t even use the excuse that you’re not tech savvy enough

Step 18 – Less scrolling = more living

Step 18 – Less scrolling = More Living

You know that app on your phone that drags you in and wastes your time?
Delete it!
Only use it on a computer device

Every minute wasted is a minute stolen from the present!

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Things are going really well with Reignite Freedom.

We’re creating community groups in several countries, promoting worthwhile events to our database, and more…

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Step 16 – Conscience Buying

Step 16 – Conscience Buying

Step 16 of the Global Walkout is to start practicing the art of ‘conscience buying’.

Before spending money, consider…WHERE is it going? WHO is it going to?

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Hashtag campaign.

We probably won’t get answers but we might be able to raise awareness…

Have you changed your browser to BRAVE yet?

Join the club of people who care about their online data and privacy. It won’t fix everything, but it’s a step in the right direction. Small steps lead to big things!

STEP 15 – Let’s Protect Our Data More​

Step 15 of the Global Walkout is to start exclusively using BRAVE as your internet browser. Big Tech makes huge profits off our data and tries to tell us what’s true and what’s not. Brave is fighting back. The less data big tech companies have, the harder it is for them to track our […]